Transit passengers to enjoy day out in UAE under new visa policy
16 April 2018 General

Preparations are afoot to roll out legislations that will allow transit passengers to tour the country. On Monday, the UAE Cabinet gave the green light to prepare a general policy to grant entry visas to transit passengers who wish to visit the country's landmarks and tourist attractions.
Passengers transiting via any of the airports in the country will be able to obtain entry visas. The new policy aims to enhance transit visa procedures to enable stopover passengers to enjoy a day out in the country, thus boosting the tourism industry.

No sales of electronic items without warranty in UAE from July
16 April 2018 General

The Ministry of Economy confirmed that the Department of Consumer Protection has made a final decision to prevent selling all electronics items including electrical appliances and mobile phones without warranty, starting from July, Emarat Al Youm reported.
The department stressed that there will be no further grace period for companies to implement the decision, explaining that the committee has already extended the grace period to July, after it was supposed to end in January.

Know your rights while dining at restaurants: Dubai Municiplality
16 April 2018 General

Consumers are equally responsible for maintaining food safety while dining at restaurants and food establishments, the Dubai Municipality officials have said.
The civic body inaugurated the GCC Food Safety Week on Sunday to increase people's awareness on how to dine out safely at Dubai restaurants by ensuring the served meals are hygienic and that leftovers are stored right.
residents should not compromise their safety when they choose to eat out at restaurants...

Floating hotel Queen Elizabeth 2 comes to Dubai
16 April 2018 General

The Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) will open its doors to the public on April 18, 2018 following highly anticipated international interest.
PCFC Hotels - part of the Dubai government's Ports, Customs and Free Zones Corporation - has reinvented the legendary vessel as the latest must-see tourism destination, in a city renowned for its world-class attractions.
The world-famous cruise liner, which has a history spanning 5 decades, is now docked permanently at Mina Rashid.

New bus service to Dubai Parks introduced
15 April 2018 General

If you are planning to visit Dubai Parks and Resorts, here's good news for you.
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is launching a new bus service from Tuesday, named Route DPR1, to facilitate visitors of Dubai Parks and Resorts, one of the key tourist and entertainment destinations in the emirate.
The buses will start from Ibn Battuta Metro Station (2) to Dubai Parks and Resorts and vice versa. They will pass through several spots such as the Food Corner of Ibn Battuta Mall, The Gardens Junction at Jebel Ali, and culminate at the Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Ramadan 2018: Guide for fasting in UAE
16 April 2018 General

Food consumption: Begin reducing your meals to only moderate quantities. Having large meals will increase your appetite and make it more difficult to fast.
Early breakfast: During Ramadan, we wake up early for Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal before the fast begins. It is important not to skip this. Start having an early breakfast from now to help your body get used to the earlier hours, especially if you are not much of a breakfast eater.
Avoid snacking: Stick to only having three main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - and avoid snacking in between.